Naturopathic physicians are experts in nutritional supplements. I often get asked about quality of supplements and, as always, it is my goal to provide you with knowledge to make your own informed decisions. In regard to supplementation, not all products are created equally. Many things need to be considered when purchasing products.


·      Authenticity—it is what it says it is

·      Purity—it is only what it says it is

·      Safety—contaminant free

·      Efficacy—it will do what it is supposed to do


You may find that some products are more expensive than what you find at a chain discount store or pharmacy. As a naturopathic physician, I believe you pay now or you pay later. The links below serve as resources for you to purchase your supplements from safe and reliable companies, whose products are well supported by research and clinical trials. I encourage you to delve deeper in to the information linked above to further empower yourself in your healthcare and supplement decisions.  Thank you for your trust in allowing me to aid in your journey towards health and well-being!